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Garage Enclosure Man Cave November 17, 2016

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Ash complains about the cats knocking over his stuff in the garage and about not having a space that was all his. We had been talking about a few upcoming projects like enclosing part of the garage and remodeling the bathroom. He had a couple of birthdays coming up, yes a couple not just one, so I decided to supris him. He has a legal birthday and the actual day he was born. I celebrate both for him. In order to surprise him I had to enlist help. Damion and some of our friends arranged to have an all weekend role playing game at their house, which would remove him from home and he would never suspect it was me planning something. My parents agreed to come up that weekend to help me enclose the garage for him. Honestly Dady will be doing most of the work but I will help where I can.

On Friday the gang picked Ash up for their weekend and my parents arrived. Luckily even if they saw each other he would not think anything of it either heee heeee. I walked Daddy through the thoughts I had and he took measurements. Then we went to Home Depot for supplies. 

The main task was to build a wall from the edge of the side door to the edge of the fireplace. This leaves me with a laundry room and access to the back yard for hanging out laundry. The wall has a door so that Ash can close himself in and also keep all the pets out. I even made sure to have a regular door handle on the door since our cat window and open the punch leaver door handles we have in the rest of the house.

Time allowing we also planned to:

  • Close the ventalation holes
  • Put in a window
  • Remove the overhead shelving
  • Insulate the walls
  • Sheetrock the walls
  • Seal the mail box drop box opening
  • Install a new exterior mail box

Realistically I knew it was not all going to get completed but my Daddy is a speedy, hard, miracle worker. I am constantly amazed by him!! 

This is what it started out looking like….

This is how it looks now….

Amazing how much he was able to do in just one weekend! Now to see Ash’s face when he got home…..


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