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About October 26, 2012

Born and raised in Sonoma County, California with creative do it yourself parents. Growing up my parents owned a ceramic business that gave all of us another outlet for creativity. My parents love crafting and creating new things or restoring furnature, so I strive to learn more and do this myself.
About 3 years ago I relocated to the Sacramento area and recently got married. My husband shares my love for creativity and encourages me to try anything that I think I want to try.
I am learning as I go how to: garden, create a comfortable home, ceramics, scrapbooking & other paper crafts, sewing and all sorts of other fun things.
Hold on tight! Life is one fun rollercoaster!!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Sliced Science Says:

    Hi Colli,

    Many thanks for following. I loved reading your DIY projects and will be looking forward to more great posts from you. Take care and enjoy your week!

  2. lista de email Says:

    this is really a nice blog, i will be here often. thank you for your sharing.

  3. Sliced Science Says:

    Hi Colli, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    If you are interested, check my post:
    for more info.
    Congratulations, and enjoy your week

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