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Pictures of Our Foster Dog Child April 13, 2015

First day during his ride to the vet so that we could check for a microchip.


Ahh cuddles and snuggles

On the way to the groomers

On our way to the groomers


All clean and heading home


Relaxing with new caller after a long walk


Sleeping soundly.


Barkbox January 27, 2015

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During the Christmas season we had dinner with our friends and they introduced me to a dangerous thing!

Barkbox!!! It is a monthly subscription for dogs. They sent treats and toys, etc each month for the dogs. Of course I had to sign up! I mean what kind of dog Mom would I be if I didn’t, right?

We just got our first box and I was so excited to open it. I think that I might be just as excited as the dogs. I mean look at them smelling the box before it is opened.

Once opened, look at all they got!

I think that the dogs are happy with this. Which is all I wanted because it they are happy then I am happy!


Survived First Grooming Appointment July 10, 2014

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I love my animals! They are my children. Dixie is the eldest and she loves to roll in the dirt. My family calls her Ms. Piggy or Pigpen LOL!

She has never been a problem to wash. Dixie will load herself in the bathtub and stand there while you wash her. Of course she will shake the water everywhere as soon as your done but as long as you close the shower curtain it is not so bad.

Poor Dixie was always itchy and shedding. I did research to ensure that I did not over/under wash her but it made no difference. Finally I found a place I trusted, The Honest Dog in Sacramento CA. We buy all of our pet supplies from them and the owner Pamela is the honest, knowledgeable and helpful.

On Sunday morning Ash and I loaded up the dogs. We dropped off Dixie for her appointment. She was so nervous I was worried that she was not going to handle the appointment. The three of us left while she was being cleaned so that she would relax and listen to the groomers. The weather was still nice out, not over 90 yet, so we walked across the street to Starbucks for a treat. Rosco did pretty well drinking water from a glass but he really wanted to eat the cup instead. A young girl and boy came out and asked if they could pet Rosco. I looked to the parents for approval, once received we said ok. Rosco put his head next to Ash’s knee and did not lift his head or move it around at all. I was so proud of him!! Once our coffees were empty we walked back to the store.

Inside Ash and I looked at a couple of things and Rosco laid on the cool floor. I was pleased to get compliments on Rosco’s behavior from other in the store. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix and most people just assume he is a Pit Bull so they should fear him. That was not the response we got at the Honest Dog and it was a comfort. We waited for another 15 minute and we were considering what to do because I did not know how long the process took, when I small dog started barking and pulling toward Rosco. At first he was wagging his tail wanting to play but then the dog tried to lung forward to bite him and Rosco growled and backed up to us. We took him outside and then Ash checked on Dixie, who still had about 30 minutes remaining.

I was starting to relax a bit because if Dixie had made it this long then she must be handling it well. Honestly, I do not know why I ever worry when it comes to her! She has always been so easy-going and allowing of anything.

Ash had plans later in the afternoon, he was with me for emotional support, so it came time to consider options. Dixie and I were doing well with this new adventure so I decided that Rosco and I would drop him off while we waited. The drive to drop Ash off was only about 5 minutes and I noticed that Rosco was still hot and panting so I took him home. Once we got there he laid down on the floor and did not move.

Hot Rosco

Poor guy was worn out but he behaved so good!! About 20 minutes later, Rosco’s breathing was back to normal and he was snoring when my phone rang. Dixie was done and ready to come home!

Leaving Rosco at home to sleep, I went to pick up Dixie. She came walking out from the back looking shinny and smiling. I was so happy to see her. I know I know, it was only like an hour and a half but it felt like longer =) The groomer told me that Dixie was the best Rotweiller she has worked with. They gave her a treat and lots of puts. She was so soft! I have not felt her that soft, without loads of shedding, in a long time. It kind of made me ashamed that I had not started this sooner.

Dixie GroomedBeing groomed but have took a lot of energy for Dixie because when we got hom she passed out next to Rosco.

20140706-210916-76156272.jpgAsh and I are pleased that she is healthy, shedding less and less itchy! She will continue to be groomed avery few months from now on. I learned a lesson and if/when we ever get a medium or long hair dog again, we will start grooming at much younger age!


Tug of War February 14, 2014

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Puppies each, chew and destroy things as they grow up. Rosco is no different from any other puppy in that regard. His favorite toy is rope because Dixie will play tug of war with him. Sadly this also means that the ropes do not last more than a couple of hours. The force of the two of them tugging pulls it apart and it turns into shreds. As much as I would love to keep buying ropes, they are a bit costly.

I have been trying to think of another solution for this. First I thought that I could buy a rock climbing rope of your basic rope but there are chemicals on those that are not safe for animals to chew on. So I am back at square one….

Then I have a light bulb moment! While I was cutting up the fabric for the kitty quilt I thought, why not make my own rope. My Great Grandmother used to make braided fabric rugs. This idea might just work.

Now I am off to try this project and see if it works. I will share more with you soon. I promise to give you all the details whether it is a success or failure. Wish me luck!


Let the Fireside Time Begin December 6, 2013

The temperature the last few days has been in the 40’s during the day which means it is colder at night and in the mornings. Our house only has the gas wall unit which honestly does not work, so we have it blocked off. Unfortunately this makes the house a cold box. Due to the cold I have been patiently, sort of, waiting for a burn day.

For those of you who do not have this in your area, this is a regulatory thing in our area. There are only certain days that you can burn a wood burning fire so you have to check the website, or get daily emails, to find out.

Tuesday was the start of a few day stretch of burn days so of course I jumped right in.

First Fire of 2013

It is so calming and relaxing for me to sit and watch a fire. The noises, smells and warmth make me feel at peace. As you can see in the picture, we have a new screen for the fireplace. This was added because the doors, which we originally on the fireplace when we bought the house, fell off.  After everything I am pleased with the visual change. Of course I am also pleased because it keeps the kittens out of the fireplace. It used to be one of their favorite places to hide… eeek!

While enjoying the fire I was pleased to have the company of my eldest baby, Dixie.


She was enjoying the warmth too and I could not resist taking a picture of her because she looked just as relaxed and happy as I was.

Well time for me to get busy again. Until we talk again, stay warm.


New Addition to Our Family July 1, 2013

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By the title of this post you might be thinking that we are talking about having a baby. Well I was talking about a baby, a baby dog. Yup! We are planning on getting a new dog!

Dixie has grown up having another dog to play with so when we moved into our house she had to try to adjust. Hearing her cry when we left and seeing her sad when we got home really got to me. After talking about it with Ash, and to be honest not giving him much choice… sorry babe, we decided to go to the shelters and rescue a puppy.

Ash is going to pick out the puppy so that he and the new dog can bound together because Dixie is obviously my baby and the new dog should be his. I am very excited about the new adventure and started looking online at the shelters. If you knew my husband, he who researches everything on the internet, you would have thought that he would want to look online with me. Nope! He is the kind of person that does not want to see pictures, he wants to meet them and see the personality first hand.

This past weekend we started the search and got very lucky. We walked around the shelter looking at dogs for about an hour. At first I was a bit discouraged because the ones that he liked at first glance were already adopted. During our walking we keep going back to one area and looking at one puppy. We decided to meet Rosco and see how we liked him.

They took us to a small play room so that we could get to know him. After about an hour and a half of playing with him we decided that he was the one. Sadly he was not neutered yet so we could not take him home. We completed all the paperwork and I bought everything that we needed for him.


I pick him up tonight and bring him home. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets along with Dixie!