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Old Rugs New Use November 10, 2016

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A few weeks ago we replaced the rugs in the living room and dining room. The old rugs were beat up not not dead so I didn’t want to just throw them away. Instead I found new uses for them. 

One rug was moved to the patio for ascetics and dirt control. I think that when it starts raining it will help to dry off puppy feet before they come inside. Plus it looks nice.

The other rug was the more beat up of the two so I placed it in the garage by the washer, dryer and cat box. The hope it that it will help to reduce the amount of cat litter that gets tracked inside. It will also help in the winter to keep my feet from freezing when I am doing laundry.

Makes me feel good to reuse or repurpose something instead of filling the land fills with more stuff.


Bachlorette Party November 3, 2016

Fun party planning time!! This is one task I am excited about. Kacie loves Disney and dreamed of a Bachelorette Party in Disneyland. I plan to make this come true!

First thing I did was research hotel suites near Disneyland so that I could see the cost of 8 people sharing a space for 2 nights. There a hotel suite which holds 8 guests within walking distance of the park. The cost is $800 for the weekend, making it $100 per person.

Getting to Disneyland together is my next challenge. I researched and priced out van rentals for the weekend. It looks like I will have to rent it in Santa Rosa on Thursday night and do all the driving and then return it on Monday morning. That is more time then I wanted to have the rental for but it avoids the stress of having to be back by a certain time.

Once all the details were all taken care of it was time to be patient… not the easiest things to do when it is Disneyland you are waiting for, but worth it in the end.

We arrived very early Friday morning and spent the day in the parks. 


The next day we all wore the bridal party shirts and mickey ears the bride got for us. Another fun day with not as many pictures.

Then I took a short break to have dinner with Ken and Carla….. hard to leave him to rejoin the party.

Finally it was time to take our last pictures of the trip.

The following day we drove him and boy did these ladies have me laughing with the dancing and music.


Bridal Shower For The Groom’s Side October 27, 2016


I was given the great honor of being the Maid of Honor for Kacie, my future sister-in-law. Part of this honor is the fun task of planning/hosting the bridal shower for her. At first I was nervous about this task but then I remembered that I have one amazing asset, my Mom!

Things to plan:

  1. Location
  2. Date/Time
  3. Games
  4. Prizes
  5. Food
  6. Guest List
  7. Invitations

In February I visited with my Mom and we started to plan out some of the details. We know that the party will be held at her house because it has the space and it is a central place for everyone. Plus the house and yard are AMAZING!! The end of June is beautiful weather and closer to her wedding date. We scheduled an afternoon party.

Before the planning was completed, my position changed to just bride’s maid but that did not cancel the party. Nope! It gave my Mom and sister something fun to do together. They planned the food, decorations and games. It turned out beautiful!!!!

I have such a talented family. They made the centerpieces, the hatters hat, and all the flowers are from my Mom’s yard. So proud!!!


Bridal Shower For The Bride’s Side October 21, 2016

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This was the first of the bridal showers for my brother and his bride. I am delayed in posting them, as some of you know but I want to share all the same.

It was a fun hawaii theme with games and laughter.

Even some excitement with the fire department.


Flower Garden Growth October 7, 2016

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The plants have started to fill in…the garden is starting to take form. 

Everytime I work in the front yard I have people stop to talk to me about the plants and or about how beautiful it looks.


I am quite fond of it myself and Ash even stops to look at it with me. The compliments from him, on how nice the yard is looking, mean the most to me. 

Now I get to build another garden and watch it grow. The umbrella I ordered arrived and I put it up. Now I can sit out there, read and enjoy the yard when my work is done. On top of adding the umbrella to the yard, I replaced some of the smaller plants in the pots and added a couple more to the ground. When I bought some of the first ones I thought that I had a more sun than we really do. So some of them did not survive.

Now that all the planting is done I am adding bark. Over the holiday weekend it was on sale 5 bags for $10. That means that I must stock up on it, right? Well I think so but I don’t think that Ash agrees with me LOL.

Not all of the area will be barked in right now because I am still placing the plants and planning the pathways. At least the additions of the bark around the plants will help reduce the amount of weeds/crab grass that I have to keep cleaned up. But the time I am done it will all be bark and pathways, no more grass. 


Brighter and Larger September 15, 2016

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Last week I shared out updates to the dining room and how it made it look much brighter. Well the following day I put the matching rug in the living room. First I moved all the furniture that would be in the way and washed the floors. Don’t want a build up of yuck under the new rug after all.

Once the floor was clean I laid out the rug and put the co0uch back.

The couch helped to weigh it down while it flattened out. Once it was flat, I loved everything else back into place.

I love the way it made the space look larger and brighter. I admit I was not expecting the rugs to be that light of a color but I still love them.


Dining Room in a New Light September 8, 2016

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Our dining room, like all our rooms is smaller so space has always been an issue. Personally I loved the dinning room table we had. It was my great grandma’s with I restained. I was the only one appearently because Ash bought us a new table and I bought the at new area rug.

The new table looked nice but there was not enough to light to be able to see the entire table. Before I put the new rug in place we went to Ikea and bought a new track light to replace the ceiling fan. 

I left to the boys to replace because I didn’t want to do it, even if I could have.

Once the new lighting was in Damion helped me roll out one of the new rugs.  Appearently it was a hard task so I let him rest on the rug for a minute =).   

Then we put the table back in place.  

There is so much more light now, we are seeing the dinning room in a whole new light. It is the little changes I love. Such a difference from a small amount of work.