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Bachlorette Party November 3, 2016

Fun party planning time!! This is one task I am excited about. Kacie loves Disney and dreamed of a Bachelorette Party in Disneyland. I plan to make this come true!

First thing I did was research hotel suites near Disneyland so that I could see the cost of 8 people sharing a space for 2 nights. There a hotel suite which holds 8 guests within walking distance of the park. The cost is $800 for the weekend, making it $100 per person.

Getting to Disneyland together is my next challenge. I researched and priced out van rentals for the weekend. It looks like I will have to rent it in Santa Rosa on Thursday night and do all the driving and then return it on Monday morning. That is more time then I wanted to have the rental for but it avoids the stress of having to be back by a certain time.

Once all the details were all taken care of it was time to be patient… not the easiest things to do when it is Disneyland you are waiting for, but worth it in the end.

We arrived very early Friday morning and spent the day in the parks. 


The next day we all wore the bridal party shirts and mickey ears the bride got for us. Another fun day with not as many pictures.

Then I took a short break to have dinner with Ken and Carla….. hard to leave him to rejoin the party.

Finally it was time to take our last pictures of the trip.

The following day we drove him and boy did these ladies have me laughing with the dancing and music.