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Straight from Mom….. Vacation September 6, 2013

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What kind of vacationer are you?  Do you prefer pampering, so you hotel it?  Do you like to be outside, so camping is for you?  Or do you prefer to have an all inclusive trip like Cruising?  We all, probably at one time or another, have done each of these vacations.

I know I have and of them all I still prefer the camping.  I like to sleep in my own bed, be it sleeping bag or now our trailer bed.  I know it is clean!   I love to spend time outdoors, be it hiking, kayaking, or swimming.  To see all the wildlife, flora, and fauna, even to just relax and read or stitch.  The food even taste better while camping!  While the kids were still young, just to unplug and spend quality time together was fantastic!  You just can’t beat camping  in quality of time or in costs.  Out of all the memories our children have, our 10-day camping trips every summer are still tops!

We used to “environmental camp”.  Just the 5 of us in the middle of the redwoods, no facilities, the nearest camper to us was an acre away, and no “quiet time” to adhere to!  We didn’t mind treating our water, using a pit toilet, or solar showering.  We had a ball, just playing as a family.  We hiked or swam all day, got back in time to use our solar shower before the water cooled, and played so many games at night.  The evenings were priceless, so much laughter and teasing.  We were a loud bunch though, good thing there weren’t neighbors near by.  “Uno” or “Yatzee” could be voiced rather loudly during our games.  Oh and lets not forget that no one would WAKE us up early in the morning!  We stayed up late and slept in late.

Those were the days!  These days, we can no longer environmental camp.  We have a small trailer, couldn’t sleep on the ground anymore (back and hip trouble).  No trailers allowed obviously.  We now have to endure the early wake ups of kids running through our camp site, cars coming and going at all hours of the day and night, and we miss the late night card games with our children.  It took me a long time to find my own rhythm when the kids no longer camped with us.   Steven took to it like a duck to water, LOL.

This past trip we watched the deer pass into the meadow below us.  Spectacular, I never tire of this ritual.  Steven took a fantastic picture, we couldn’t have posed them like this if we tried.  Just a fortuitous moment!


Perfection!   We are hoping to see and photographically capture more wildlife on our next trip camping.   Here is to all of us having a great time in the style of vacation we choose!  See you when we get back……………… Cyn


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