Donations Needed – Bonus!!

Yesterday we took out newest cat, Spike, into the shelter to be fixed. Ash a huge help because he dropped him off and picked him up.

SpikeWhen Ash arrived to pick Spike up he saw a sign asking for towels to be donated and sent me a message.

This is a double win for me because I love to support the shelter and we need new towels for our bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, ours are still in good condition. We need new towels because I painted the walls lilac.


The green, terra-cotta, brown and dark grey towels we have no longer match. Ash wants to do a darker color tile in the shower and on the floor when we remodel. Which means… it is time to shop for new towels! While shopping recently, I found a rug and shower curtain for the bathroom.


They are the darker colors and give me a bit more direction for the towels. I can’t wait to find the right towels and donate the ones that we have to the shelter.

Time Management Appreciation

Future Farmers of America holds leadership conferences for their members a few times a year. When I was a member, I used to go to as many as I could get my advisor to take me to. The conferences usually had a workshop on goals setting and time management. FFA tried to prepare their member for the next step in life and sometimes for life itself.

I used to think that I learned the skills I needed for time management during the conferences and that I was prepared. I was wrong, either I didn’t learn everything or I was not prepared, or both.

Time management as work has come pretty naturally for me because I take advantage of tools in Outlook such as tasks with reminders and calendar reminders to make sure that I don’t miss something outside of the normal routine. Sadly, I have not employed this same technic at home…untill now.

When I was getting sick from my medicine I came to realize that I was spending most of my spare time cleaning (or sleeping). It was no wonder I felt like I had no time for yard work, crafts, gym or playing with the dogs. immediately I took action!

The first thing that I did was written out a list of the chores I do and how many times a week they need to be done. Then I spaced out the chores throughout the week so they were not all on one day. While I was writing this out on paper, I decided that I am going to start to wake up earlier in the mornings. The earlier rise time should allow me to prepare for work, do some chores, and hopefully start remembering to eat breakfast too.

After a couple of weeks of this I am more confident and proud of how I acclimated to the routine. But I am not done yet! I added more to the routine such as regular gym workouts and a date night with my husband.

Everything is going better than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days that I overslept or miss the gym because I am only human but overall I am on track. A bonus to this routine is that I left time for college classes, homework and crafting.

I have a higher appreciation for time management now. It plays a larger role in life than I gave it credit for. Now I am off to add everything to my phone calendar so that I have it with me where ever I go.

Preparing for New Painting Challenge

I have taken two painting classes and enjoyed it a lot. Ash asked me when I was going to paint something by myself, no class or directions. That was a good question and got me to thinking about doing just that! Part of me thinks that he mentioned it on purpose, knowing that it would get my mind thinking of creative projects.

To be honest I had no idea where to start and after some non-helpful Google searches I was no closer. We walked around Hobby Lobby and looked at their painting supplies. It looked promising but there was so much to choose from. So many questions without answers… Can I use my ceramic brushes? what kind of paint would be the best? How many colors of paint should I start with? Should I buy books on painting techniques? If so, which techniques do I want to learn first?…. The list goes on.

I decided to start be emailing the studio I took the painting classes as. Some places would not respond to you and give you any information because they want you to paint more at their business. The Painted Cork did respond with information regarding the paint we used. With that information I opened another internet window to try where to buy the paints and I found some good deals. Before I bought, Ash took me to a local store to have a look.

I was so overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of painting supplies in this store!!! No joke! I almost forgot how to speak. We looked around for a while and decided to buy here. Everything was in the store with great pricing, plus I got to see the paint colors in person before buying.

Now that I have all my supplies (canvas, paint, easel, paint brushes,etc.) it is time to think of something paint. Any suggestions????


…And another patch bites the dust…

Me and grass have a love hate relationship. Crab grass that it. I hate it because it grows every where and it loves to tease me.

Thankfully I do not have to have grass in my yard. I find flowers to be much more pleasing. So slowly my yard has been changing.

Started here

House We Are Offering On

Then took on a new life here

Front Yard 1-2

Since the last change to the yard I have been researching ways to kill the crab grass without having to dig it all out section my section. One way I read about was to lay down cardboard and then cover it with bark. I tested it in a could on areas to see how well it works.

Please forgive the long grass. As I said, our lawn mover broke. Picture taken by Ashlin Ferguson.

Please forgive the long grass. As I said, our lawn mover broke. Picture taken by Ashlin Ferguson.

As you can see another area of grass has now been taken over by plants and bark. Gardening is exercise and both make me happy. I can’t wait to have more plants and bark to work with!

Canisters for me

I apologize for the long lapse with no posts. The medication I was on started to make me sick so I had to detox and start a new one. It was not fun at all but I think that I am finally getting back to being me again.

Over the weekend I found some free time. I started a new time routine, which I will tell you about later, and it gave me time to craft. I decided that it was time for ceramics. Although I must admit I was not sure what to paint or who to paint it for. Last year for Christmas I made my in-laws a canister set for the kitchen.

sunflower, ceramics, canister set, DIY, christmas present, sunflower insert, antiqued, dry brushed, acrylic paints

There was one more set in my closet that were ready to paint because the inside had already been clear glazed. I decided to paint it for myself. There are all sorts of fun decorative inserts that I can choose from plus I can interchange them during the year.

Using a buff paint, I base coated the canister lids and bases in smooth even coats.


When both coats were dry I antiqued them in a dark brown. Which thinking back, I think it might be the same color used on the first set. Then I spray sealed them with a high gloss spray.


I choose the high gloss because they will be in the kitchen and it will make them easier to clean if grease spatters on them, etc. They look kind of funny drying on the old shelf.


Now that the canisters are done, it is time to make some inserts!!


The Exercise of Healing……

Originally posted on Designbycyn's Blog:

Wow, I am amazed and amazed at the same time!  Amazed that it has been 2 months since I last posted to myself (most of you know that I post for myself and if you find it enjoyable, awesome!) and I am amazed that I didn’t go absolutely stark raving mad in the meantime!  My cast came off August 5th, but the real work has only begun.  I have quite a bit of trapped edema in my fingers and hand, a frozen wrist and shoulder, and the strength and ability of a wet noodle.  Here take a look so you can sort of visualize what I mean……

edemahandSorry bout the fuzziness, I took it with my left hand.  My knuckles are non exsistent and my fingers are so swollen that they were getting sores in between.  Just ignore all the dead, yucky skin that I hadn’t completely cleaned off, I…

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Living Room Update

I apologize for the long lapse with no posts. The medication I was on started to make me sick so I had to detox and start a new one. It was not fun at all but I think that I am finally getting back to being me again. But while I was detoxifying we had another adventure…

Some of you may remember the new couch we bought in February

couch, new couch, pull out sleeper, chaise loung, hidden storage

Sadly, the couch was made of partical board and broke so we returned it to Costco. Cash in hand we walked out of Costco and drove to a furniture store closing sale. Originally we were just going to look at what they had and the pricing. When we walked in and saw the prices were reduced enough we could get move than one peice we looked a little closer. Ash really wanted leather but I didn’t. I don’t like the feeling of sticking to leather. After some discussion and price calculations we came to a discussion… we bought a leather love seat and a canvas chair with ottoman.

Once we got them back home, I went to set the love seat where I wanted it to be and asked Ash if it was an approved position. He approved so I went to work rearranging the room. After hlaf a day of work, it was all done and I was happy to relax.



We are very happy with the new furniture and arrangement! Now if I could train the cats to sleep on their own beds and not my chair.



It’s That Time Again!

I know I know…I am odd! My husband tells me every year but I can’t help it. I like to make my presents and avoid the last minute stress of holiday presents. All that being said, it is time to start making presents for this Christmas!
The first present will be a horse box. I mentioned it a while ago when it looked like this.
After at some research and debating I finally choose the colors of the hosts and started to paint.
I still have more detail work to do but I love how it is looking. This might end up being another gift I have a hard time giving lol! Back it painting so I can finish this gift!

Light and Delightful Lilac

All white. Yuck! Well at my at least it was to me. Our bathroom was all white from the walls to the tile. The only color in the room was from the brown mirror frame and the accessories I added.
A few months back we moved the towel rods to the back of the bathroom door. While I was going the holes in the walls, I decided it was time to paint. I asked Ash for color input but he was not much help so I narrowed down some options for him to pick from. We ended up with a light lilac.
Slowly, one wall at a time, the bathroom started to change color and warmth.


Finally when all the walls were painted with two coats, including behind the toilet which I must say sucked, it was time to review and breath.

image .

The walls turned out a bit darker than I had thought but when we remodel they will look out perfect with dark tile. The mirror frame however had to be changed and I did not want to wait. I detached the mirror from the frame and took the frame outside to spray paint it white. Once it was dry, I reattached the mirror and hung it back on the wall.
It still and amazes me sometimes, just how much a small change can make a huge difference! The bathroom is now painted and a happier place for me. Now it is time to plan a color scheme or theme for the room. I am one of those people who like there to be some room and reason to the colors in a room. Stay tuned!

Survived First Grooming Appointment

I love my animals! They are my children. Dixie is the eldest and she loves to roll in the dirt. My family calls her Ms. Piggy or Pigpen LOL!

She has never been a problem to wash. Dixie will load herself in the bathtub and stand there while you wash her. Of course she will shake the water everywhere as soon as your done but as long as you close the shower curtain it is not so bad.

Poor Dixie was always itchy and shedding. I did research to ensure that I did not over/under wash her but it made no difference. Finally I found a place I trusted, The Honest Dog in Sacramento CA. We buy all of our pet supplies from them and the owner Pamela is the honest, knowledgeable and helpful.

On Sunday morning Ash and I loaded up the dogs. We dropped off Dixie for her appointment. She was so nervous I was worried that she was not going to handle the appointment. The three of us left while she was being cleaned so that she would relax and listen to the groomers. The weather was still nice out, not over 90 yet, so we walked across the street to Starbucks for a treat. Rosco did pretty well drinking water from a glass but he really wanted to eat the cup instead. A young girl and boy came out and asked if they could pet Rosco. I looked to the parents for approval, once received we said ok. Rosco put his head next to Ash’s knee and did not lift his head or move it around at all. I was so proud of him!! Once our coffees were empty we walked back to the store.

Inside Ash and I looked at a couple of things and Rosco laid on the cool floor. I was pleased to get compliments on Rosco’s behavior from other in the store. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix and most people just assume he is a Pit Bull so they should fear him. That was not the response we got at the Honest Dog and it was a comfort. We waited for another 15 minute and we were considering what to do because I did not know how long the process took, when I small dog started barking and pulling toward Rosco. At first he was wagging his tail wanting to play but then the dog tried to lung forward to bite him and Rosco growled and backed up to us. We took him outside and then Ash checked on Dixie, who still had about 30 minutes remaining.

I was starting to relax a bit because if Dixie had made it this long then she must be handling it well. Honestly, I do not know why I ever worry when it comes to her! She has always been so easy-going and allowing of anything.

Ash had plans later in the afternoon, he was with me for emotional support, so it came time to consider options. Dixie and I were doing well with this new adventure so I decided that Rosco and I would drop him off while we waited. The drive to drop Ash off was only about 5 minutes and I noticed that Rosco was still hot and panting so I took him home. Once we got there he laid down on the floor and did not move.

Hot Rosco

Poor guy was worn out but he behaved so good!! About 20 minutes later, Rosco’s breathing was back to normal and he was snoring when my phone rang. Dixie was done and ready to come home!

Leaving Rosco at home to sleep, I went to pick up Dixie. She came walking out from the back looking shinny and smiling. I was so happy to see her. I know I know, it was only like an hour and a half but it felt like longer =) The groomer told me that Dixie was the best Rotweiller she has worked with. They gave her a treat and lots of puts. She was so soft! I have not felt her that soft, without loads of shedding, in a long time. It kind of made me ashamed that I had not started this sooner.

Dixie GroomedBeing groomed but have took a lot of energy for Dixie because when we got hom she passed out next to Rosco.

20140706-210916-76156272.jpgAsh and I are pleased that she is healthy, shedding less and less itchy! She will continue to be groomed avery few months from now on. I learned a lesson and if/when we ever get a medium or long hair dog again, we will start grooming at much younger age!