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Cuddle Therapy October 17, 2014

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I have been sick for two weeks now with sinus and lung infection. Normally it would not take this long for a person to recover but I am not normal. In February of 2012, I caught Whooping Cough. Whooping Cough is the worst thing I have gone through in my life so far. I could not breathe enough to stay awake and when I did I coughed to hard I thought I would literally cough up a lung. After 3 months I was finally able to do small things and start to recover. Whooping Cough left permanent scars on my lungs….. Long story short, a small cold can become serious for quickly.

This week was the first full week at work and it was exhausting! I did some small work around the house in the evenings after work and then it was to bed I went. Last night I arrived home and did nothing, sat in a chair and coughed. After about 2 hours of this I decided to go to bed and read.


Dixie followed me and went to sleep on her bed. Within 10 minutes I was being cuddled by three of our other four-legged children.


It was no surprise that Rosco came to cuddle because he looks for any opportunity but the cats do not sleep on the bed with me often. Usually Spike is to busy harassing everyone to sleep which keeps everyone else awake. Not last night, and I was thankful! When I started to cough really bad the two cats would purr trying to sooth  while Rosco kept me warm and kissed the pain away.

Cuddling with them is a wonderful form of therapy and good medicine. I am blessed to have them and love them!


Dreaming of a New Master Closet October 14, 2014

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I thought that I might be addicted to looking at google images and seeing the different things we could do. Then my boss showed me ikeahackers. The site is incredible, fun and creative. Meg & the Martin Men created one that I love!.

The closet is beautiful to look at and is beautifully organized. It defiantly gives some food for thought.

Here are some others that I love…

Now back to dreaming…… because we have one or two large projects that come first.



Planning Arches and Arbors October 9, 2014

One my last trip to my parents house I received 3 new day lily plants, 2 holly hocks and 2 yarrow, as well as a variety of other plants. I have not transplanted them yet because I wanted them to settle a bit from the drive. Plus I have to weed the areas they will be planted in and weed the areas for the potted plants I am going to transplant too.

Before I can start weeding I need to plan where I am going to plant everything. One of the plants is a honeysuckle vine so it will need something to climb on. Maybe an arch or an arbor of some sort but what design? Where to put it?


This arbor is beautiful with the vines growing over it and the bench to sit on. I also like the stone patio below.


This one has a simple elegance to it and makes me want one at the entrance to our yard. My parents have simply elegant arbors at both entrances to their front yard and I love it!.


Can you tell that I like the idea on an arbor with a built-in bench? I think that this arbor and bench would fit into our yard nicely.


Yet another with a bench but this time it is not built-in. I think that I might like the arbor a bit wider. Then I could place my directors chairs and bench below it.

Now that I have some idea of which arbors I like and an idea of where I would place them. Planning the location and dimensions of the arbors before planting more will allow me to get plants in the ground but not have to move them when we install the arbors. The arbors will have climbing plants growing on them.

Taking a picture of our front yard I was able to mark where I wanted the arbors to be placed.

front yard with trellis & fence lines

Red = Trellis’ & Pink = Fence Lines

Since using this picture I see that it is hard to mark everything that I would like to mark. I am going to take some new pictures and try to update the plans, including marking where the plants will go. I am excited about this project and look forward to the spring, in hopes that we can build the arbors then. For now, it is time to plant and pre-dig the arbor post holes.



Terrain or Not Terrain? October 7, 2014

My husband, Ash, started to play a game called Infinity. It involved models, calculations, strategy and a lot of time. He started painting his models and they look really nice. Then we went to our first game convention and I saw some of the creative terrain they play on…… that was bad for me!

I have no desire to play the game but I was highly interested in how the terrain was made. My thoughts already started thinking about how I would make something similar for Ash to use on the table top he built (which I will share with you later). Conversations with some of the players who built the terrain had me believing it would be easy… I wanted to start!

For the first few months Ash told me no because he had figures to paint. He did not want to think about terrain or where he was going to keep it. I listened to him for a while but a couple of weeks ago I found myself looking online for terrain ideas. Yup, I went from crafting for myself to crafting for my husband. Really not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing or how I feel about it yet. LOL!

So far I seem to be drawn to the tropical beach type terrain theme. Surprised! No probably not. Most of you know from previous posts that we love the ocean!!

terrain 1 terrain 2

So far ideas like these do not look to hard but maybe a bit challenging. I think it is time for me to measure the figures heights and plan a terrain.


Handbrewed Soaps October 2, 2014

Ashlin and I attended a beer festival in Discovery Park, Sacramento CA. It was a beautiful location and the weather was wonderful. I was not drinking because I was the designated driver, so I took some time to look at the booths that had things other than beers to taste.

The booth that caught my eye and stands out in my memory is Handbrewed Soaps. They had a wonderful selection of soaps of a variety of scents. I would almost call them flavors because they smelled good enough to eat but I know that you don’t eat soap!

Handbrewed Soap Image

I was so impressed that I called Ash over to the booth and we bought a few bars of soap. Supporting a small business always make me happy because I know how hard they work!

We love the soap and look forward to purchasing more including the soap of the month club. If you like the aromas of beer and wine, check them out… I bet you will love them too!


Rehab 101 – On the Healing Road….. September 30, 2014

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Success is so sweet, no matter what form it comes in!  When I started my Physical Therapy, it was with the understanding that I may not improve very much.  I accepted this, the twist fracture had been severe.  My main goal, as you know, was SLEEP, sleep, and to sleep with out pain.  This goal has been slowly achieved, with this goal came the rest I needed to gain the perspective to move forward with my plan.

My Rehab 101 has been more successful than I ever thought possible!  By setting small goals for myself, I haven’t had the disappointments, set-backs, and depressing weight of failure.  The first goal I set for myself was to be able to use the scissors, seemed very attainable.  My garden and iris had been sorely neglected and it seemed like a good place to start.  That was say a month ago.  I am finally on the last leg of my yard.  I saved the worst for last, my driveway which edges my vegetable garden.


Oh so sad and neglected.  For this part of the yard I needed to be able to use the shears/clippers, much better cutting ability than the scissors.  The mums and peonies needed to be coiffured, such a tangle of weeds, dead branches, and very overgrown.  I wasn’t sure if I had the strength yet to use the clippers, but I was ready to try.

drivewayafterAs the Wizard of Oz says, “Well, Bust my buttons!”  I did it!  I was only able to get 1/3 of this last stretch finished, but Yeah Baby it looks and felt great!  Thank goodness the yard bin was full cause my wrist was screaming with fatigue.

Nature still amazes and teaches me daily.  It gives back what it is given ten-fold and is always grateful for the time spent.  The ability to keep giving me what I needed, even when I wasn’t sure what that was.  Such peace and acceptance is always found in my yard and gardens.  The doctors recommended lots of rests, sleep, and relaxation in order for this fracture to heal.  Well, nature is the epitome of all they recommended, relaxing, restorative, and restful.  Try it sometime and remember it is free!

After my 3rd appointment with the wrist therapist, she was amazed at the progress I had made.  I guess most folks can’t work through the pain to get their mobility back.  Ummm, no problem there, I want to be able to hold a tiny paint brush and an embroidery needle again!   Thanks to my rehab 101, my therapy was extended further.  The more I progress, the longer the therapy will continue.

Seems simple enough and I am motivated.  Now to find the next task to continue my healing process…….. Cyn


Assessment Testing September 25, 2014

I am so excited about school next semester. Support system at home, co-worker attending carpooling and attending classes with me… it is all falling into place. Poppi is a busy guardian angel!

Everything is exciting except the assessment tests. I have to retake my assessment tests before I can enrol in my classes. My co-worker gave me the information I needed to study for them but I am still nervous. Not exactly sure why I am nervous because they are not going to deny me entry or anything.

Tomorrow morning I go take the test. Cross your finders and say a prayer for me!



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