Rehab 101 – On the Healing Road…..

Success is so sweet, no matter what form it comes in!  When I started my Physical Therapy, it was with the understanding that I may not improve very much.  I accepted this, the twist fracture had been severe.  My main goal, as you know, was SLEEP, sleep, and to sleep with out pain.  This goal has been slowly achieved, with this goal came the rest I needed to gain the perspective to move forward with my plan.

My Rehab 101 has been more successful than I ever thought possible!  By setting small goals for myself, I haven’t had the disappointments, set-backs, and depressing weight of failure.  The first goal I set for myself was to be able to use the scissors, seemed very attainable.  My garden and iris had been sorely neglected and it seemed like a good place to start.  That was say a month ago.  I am finally on the last leg of my yard.  I saved the worst for last, my driveway which edges my vegetable garden.


Oh so sad and neglected.  For this part of the yard I needed to be able to use the shears/clippers, much better cutting ability than the scissors.  The mums and peonies needed to be coiffured, such a tangle of weeds, dead branches, and very overgrown.  I wasn’t sure if I had the strength yet to use the clippers, but I was ready to try.

drivewayafterAs the Wizard of Oz says, “Well, Bust my buttons!”  I did it!  I was only able to get 1/3 of this last stretch finished, but Yeah Baby it looks and felt great!  Thank goodness the yard bin was full cause my wrist was screaming with fatigue.

Nature still amazes and teaches me daily.  It gives back what it is given ten-fold and is always grateful for the time spent.  The ability to keep giving me what I needed, even when I wasn’t sure what that was.  Such peace and acceptance is always found in my yard and gardens.  The doctors recommended lots of rests, sleep, and relaxation in order for this fracture to heal.  Well, nature is the epitome of all they recommended, relaxing, restorative, and restful.  Try it sometime and remember it is free!

After my 3rd appointment with the wrist therapist, she was amazed at the progress I had made.  I guess most folks can’t work through the pain to get their mobility back.  Ummm, no problem there, I want to be able to hold a tiny paint brush and an embroidery needle again!   Thanks to my rehab 101, my therapy was extended further.  The more I progress, the longer the therapy will continue.

Seems simple enough and I am motivated.  Now to find the next task to continue my healing process…….. Cyn

Assessment Testing

I am so excited about school next semester. Support system at home, co-worker attending carpooling and attending classes with me… it is all falling into place. Poppi is a busy guardian angel!

Everything is exciting except the assessment tests. I have to retake my assessment tests before I can enrol in my classes. My co-worker gave me the information I needed to study for them but I am still nervous. Not exactly sure why I am nervous because they are not going to deny me entry or anything.

Tomorrow morning I go take the test. Cross your finders and say a prayer for me!

Laundry Room Curtain

After my failed attempt at painting the roll-up curtain in my laundry area I took a break from this area of the house. I took time to sew blankets and finish other projects around the house. The list of projects I have started is getting smaller and this is the next one on my list.

I looked at fabric patterns to see if I wanted to sew them and I looked at the store for a set to buy. Nothing seemed like the right fit for the window. The garage gets a lot of spider webs and little light. With one window, would curtains block the air flow completely?… if so then that could be a catastrophe because the cat box and motorcycle are in the garage.

This project has been cancelled for now. We are making a lot of other changes to the house… who knows maybe we can wall off an area just for the laundry? It is a though for further in the future. A LOT further in the future LOL =)

Sad to admit it but it is time to walk away from this project.

Sweet Jules

One of my co-workers had a box of caramel this morning and they shared some with me. Sweet Jules Gifts Hand-crafted Caramels…. WOW!


I have always liked caramel but this is so delightful and delicious I had to share it.

They even have Pub Crawl in a Box!

Take a Minnesota Pub Tour! Savor Our Favorite Minnesota Beers In These Sweet Jules Caramels.

1. We start our crawl sipping a lineup of Town Hall beers to find the best pairing for our caramels. Hope and King Scotch Ale fit the flavor profile we were looking for - This beer is a Gold Medal-winner at the American Beer Festival – this caramel treat is a crafted blend of Scotch ale, luscious caramel and thin, crunchy pretzels. “Scotch Ale and Pretzel”

2. Then we head to North Minneapolis to the infamous Surly Brewing Company for a pint of Furious – A tempest on the tongue, brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers the beer flavor for our caramel with pizzazz. “Sweet and Furious!”

3. On to Indeed Brewery to tip back a Midnight Ryder, American Black Ale – this Black Ale puts a distinctly American twist on the India Pale Ale with five varieties of malt that gives it a medium body and a complex array of flavors. We spice up this caramel with Aleppo, ancho, chipotle chiles and a dash of black pepper. “Midnight and Spice”

4. We end our crawl at the Wisconsin border in Stillwater at the Lift Bridge Brewing Company – we scramble up hill to wet our whistle with a Chestnut Hill, a truly unique nut-brown ale crafted with roasted malts and Yakima hops. We complement this caramel with something distinctive by adding popped quinoa cause it tastes like popcorn only better. “Chestnut Hill and Quinoa”



They have an amazing history and story! I hope that you check them out. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do!!

Disney World!!!!

Ash had a work conference in the Dolphin Resort August 24th through August 28th, which is on the Disney World property in Orlando Florida. He could have gone and left me at home but he choose not to and I am thankful.

On Friday night I packed the luggage for out trip and it was a little challenging.

Xander blocking packing

Xander decided to lay on the suitcase everytime I turned around. I ended up having to stack everything on the bed and then load it after.  The packing had to be done that nightfor three reasons:

  1. I don’t own enough clothes to pack ahead of time
  2. We had plans all day on Saturday
  3. Our flight on Sunday morning was early and we were not even going to have enough time for sleeping before.

We landed on Sunday evening and I spend most of Monday, through Wednsday in the parks. I had the park hopper so I could see all the parks and shows. There are so many amazing things to see and do! Disneyworld even has Downtown Disney and Disney Boardwalk which can be enjoyed by everyone because they are not in a park so there is no enterance fee.

With so many fun memories and beautiful sites, I would like to share a few of my favorites out of the thousands of pictures.


First time wearing my ears in the park. Thank you Gram!

First time wearing my ears in the park. Thank you Gram!

Disney; Disney's Animal Kingson; Animal Kingdom; Orlando; Florida; Humid

Dinosaur Land in Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur Land in Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

This tree was neat! When you look closely, you see that the trunk has all sorts of animals carved into it. Look…..





Giraffes…. Did you know that they are born about 6 to 7 feet tall? WOW!


Look at the baby laying down. He is only 3 months old and already so tall!

Look at the baby laying down. He is only 3 months old and already so tall!

Disney Boardwalk has a brewery that brews its own beer.

Disney Boardwalk has a brewery that brews its own beer.


Of course I HAD to take Ash so we could try all the beers.


Disney's Hollywood Studios Star Wars ride was a must.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars ride was a must.








Of course Animal is the hardest one to photograph because he is in control of the water. We love Animal!

Of course Animal is the hardest one to photograph because he is in control of the water. We love Animal!


Disney's Epcot. Beautiful park!

Disney’s Epcot. Beautiful park!


France area with a wonderful fountain.

France area with a wonderful fountain.





Last park, but not least... Disney's Magic Kindgom.

Last park, but not least… Disney’s Magic Kindgom.

They just started decorating for Halloween.

They just started decorating for Halloween.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle



Fun times meeting and dancing with Goofy!

Fun times meeting and dancing with Goofy!


Rapunzel's tower

Rapunzel’s tower

Halloween farewell message when leaving Magic Kingdom

Halloween farewell message when leaving Magic Kingdom


I loved the trip, well minus the humidity. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and worth every penny!


Donations Needed – Bonus!!

Yesterday we took out newest cat, Spike, into the shelter to be fixed. Ash a huge help because he dropped him off and picked him up.

SpikeWhen Ash arrived to pick Spike up he saw a sign asking for towels to be donated and sent me a message.

This is a double win for me because I love to support the shelter and we need new towels for our bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, ours are still in good condition. We need new towels because I painted the walls lilac.


The green, terra-cotta, brown and dark grey towels we have no longer match. Ash wants to do a darker color tile in the shower and on the floor when we remodel. Which means… it is time to shop for new towels! While shopping recently, I found a rug and shower curtain for the bathroom.


They are the darker colors and give me a bit more direction for the towels. I can’t wait to find the right towels and donate the ones that we have to the shelter.

Time Management Appreciation

Future Farmers of America holds leadership conferences for their members a few times a year. When I was a member, I used to go to as many as I could get my advisor to take me to. The conferences usually had a workshop on goals setting and time management. FFA tried to prepare their member for the next step in life and sometimes for life itself.

I used to think that I learned the skills I needed for time management during the conferences and that I was prepared. I was wrong, either I didn’t learn everything or I was not prepared, or both.

Time management as work has come pretty naturally for me because I take advantage of tools in Outlook such as tasks with reminders and calendar reminders to make sure that I don’t miss something outside of the normal routine. Sadly, I have not employed this same technic at home…untill now.

When I was getting sick from my medicine I came to realize that I was spending most of my spare time cleaning (or sleeping). It was no wonder I felt like I had no time for yard work, crafts, gym or playing with the dogs. immediately I took action!

The first thing that I did was written out a list of the chores I do and how many times a week they need to be done. Then I spaced out the chores throughout the week so they were not all on one day. While I was writing this out on paper, I decided that I am going to start to wake up earlier in the mornings. The earlier rise time should allow me to prepare for work, do some chores, and hopefully start remembering to eat breakfast too.

After a couple of weeks of this I am more confident and proud of how I acclimated to the routine. But I am not done yet! I added more to the routine such as regular gym workouts and a date night with my husband.

Everything is going better than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days that I overslept or miss the gym because I am only human but overall I am on track. A bonus to this routine is that I left time for college classes, homework and crafting.

I have a higher appreciation for time management now. It plays a larger role in life than I gave it credit for. Now I am off to add everything to my phone calendar so that I have it with me where ever I go.

Preparing for New Painting Challenge

I have taken two painting classes and enjoyed it a lot. Ash asked me when I was going to paint something by myself, no class or directions. That was a good question and got me to thinking about doing just that! Part of me thinks that he mentioned it on purpose, knowing that it would get my mind thinking of creative projects.

To be honest I had no idea where to start and after some non-helpful Google searches I was no closer. We walked around Hobby Lobby and looked at their painting supplies. It looked promising but there was so much to choose from. So many questions without answers… Can I use my ceramic brushes? what kind of paint would be the best? How many colors of paint should I start with? Should I buy books on painting techniques? If so, which techniques do I want to learn first?…. The list goes on.

I decided to start be emailing the studio I took the painting classes as. Some places would not respond to you and give you any information because they want you to paint more at their business. The Painted Cork did respond with information regarding the paint we used. With that information I opened another internet window to try where to buy the paints and I found some good deals. Before I bought, Ash took me to a local store to have a look.

I was so overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of painting supplies in this store!!! No joke! I almost forgot how to speak. We looked around for a while and decided to buy here. Everything was in the store with great pricing, plus I got to see the paint colors in person before buying.

Now that I have all my supplies (canvas, paint, easel, paint brushes,etc.) it is time to think of something paint. Any suggestions????


…And another patch bites the dust…

Me and grass have a love hate relationship. Crab grass that it. I hate it because it grows every where and it loves to tease me.

Thankfully I do not have to have grass in my yard. I find flowers to be much more pleasing. So slowly my yard has been changing.

Started here

House We Are Offering On

Then took on a new life here

Front Yard 1-2

Since the last change to the yard I have been researching ways to kill the crab grass without having to dig it all out section my section. One way I read about was to lay down cardboard and then cover it with bark. I tested it in a could on areas to see how well it works.

Please forgive the long grass. As I said, our lawn mover broke. Picture taken by Ashlin Ferguson.

Please forgive the long grass. As I said, our lawn mover broke. Picture taken by Ashlin Ferguson.

As you can see another area of grass has now been taken over by plants and bark. Gardening is exercise and both make me happy. I can’t wait to have more plants and bark to work with!

Canisters for me

I apologize for the long lapse with no posts. The medication I was on started to make me sick so I had to detox and start a new one. It was not fun at all but I think that I am finally getting back to being me again.

Over the weekend I found some free time. I started a new time routine, which I will tell you about later, and it gave me time to craft. I decided that it was time for ceramics. Although I must admit I was not sure what to paint or who to paint it for. Last year for Christmas I made my in-laws a canister set for the kitchen.

sunflower, ceramics, canister set, DIY, christmas present, sunflower insert, antiqued, dry brushed, acrylic paints

There was one more set in my closet that were ready to paint because the inside had already been clear glazed. I decided to paint it for myself. There are all sorts of fun decorative inserts that I can choose from plus I can interchange them during the year.

Using a buff paint, I base coated the canister lids and bases in smooth even coats.


When both coats were dry I antiqued them in a dark brown. Which thinking back, I think it might be the same color used on the first set. Then I spray sealed them with a high gloss spray.


I choose the high gloss because they will be in the kitchen and it will make them easier to clean if grease spatters on them, etc. They look kind of funny drying on the old shelf.


Now that the canisters are done, it is time to make some inserts!!