Happy Easter!

I know that Easter is not till Sunday but I wanted send this message early…


Happy Easter!!!!

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Image found in images.google.com search


I hope that everyone enjoys the egg hunt. Have a wonderful and hoppy day!

Hope Chest of My Dreams

I am ashamed to say that I forgot about this project for a while… until I started to clean up the garage. The hope chest was put up on top of the dog/cat food bins so that we would have more space to use and it would keep the cats from scratching it.

When I found it I was filled with a new desire to complete the project. Last I shared with you I was having a creative block. Now I have a clear vision…I am going to re-stain the hope chest.

Home Depot carries a new line of stains that seal as they stain. One step project, now that sounds nice! After looking at the color options I decided to go with a darker redish brown color.

Minwasx Wood Finish

Normally I would have gone for a lighter color but I have a big project for the living room planned and this color will look wonderful in the finished room.

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about choosing to stain because I have not done it before. The paint counter assistant at Home Depot told me to use a cloth rag or sponge. They told me to keep the edge of the sponge wet and pull it across with the grain of the wood. I started with the satin finish but I was not pleased with the shine of the finish so I sent over it with the gloss finish and it was much better. It took four coats to get the finish how I liked it but it was worth it.

Finished Hope Chest.jpg

Tada!!! Staining complete!!! It is exciting to have another project off my list.

It looks dark in the living room but not for long…

Changing sprinkler set-up

As our yard evolves, so must our watering system. Thankfully we have the Rainbird sprinkler system in our yard which allows for change.

The first change was to cap off the sprinkers which are no longer needed. Our dogs have ran and played so much in the yard, there is basically no grass left by the patio. One of the sprinkler heads is turned to water that area because I used to try to keep that area green for them. Mud is all it made! Dixie loves the mud but I am not such a fan of the mud which comes inside with her.

Home Depot has two different cap options:

  1. You can remove the sprinker head and top of the cylinder. This is a nice option if you plan to use the sprinkler head again.
  2. You can remove the sprinkler head and casing then cap off the water line. This will remove it to below ground level so that you can cover the area with something else. A patio, maybe?

I have deided to use option one for our back yard, for now, so I bought that caps from Home Depot.

Installing them was easy!

  1. dig the dirt away from the sprinkler head
  2. holding the cylinder casing, unscrew the sprinkler head.
  3. Screw on the cap.
  4. Replace the dirt.

There is another sprinker system change that I will be doing. I will be changing out the sprinker heads to run a drip system. Home Depot has the kits to make the change. This will make watering the garden more efficient because it will not water the unwanted grass. In turn reducing the amount of water used in the yard, which is important with the drought we are in. Once I get the kits I will show you how it works.


Cow Milking Contest Success!

The team put together two adorable cows using cardboard and saw horses. Then we added a clip on the back to hang the buckets from.


You can’t see to much of the bucket from the front. What you can see looks like purple udders.


Once they are all set up outside we are excited!20140411-112543.jpg

20140411-112549.jpgThe contest was a success and everyone had fun! Sadly I did not get any pictures to share but it was a barrel of laughs!



DYI Cow Milking Contest Bucket


I did not know until recently that there was such a thing as a cow milking contest. The BBQ I will be attending today will be having one and I got to be a part of the process. =)

We had thought about using latex gloves for the udders but they would have popped. I found a photo online of a bucket made for professional contests.

Milk Bucket

This gave me a starting point for making our own. We bought two buckets from the Dollar Store.


Then I drove to Tractor Supply to buy the teats we needed for milking.


Once I had all the supplies ready, I marked the holes for ash to drill for me.


The first attempt to drill did not work because the bucket bottom shattered. So using a dremmal he made a small hole and then ground it until it was the right size.

Once the holes were done, we inserted the teats.


Once the teats were in, it was time to seal the bucket. We used clear waterproof caulking around the inside and the ouside of the bucket. Boy does it smell!!! I had no idea before but after having my face close to it… yuck!

We left the buckets to cure over night. Hopefully some of the smell goes away too!


I can’t wait to use them this afternoon…. I will share more pictures with you once the bucket is attached to the cows.


Pallet Planter Boxes Completed

Making your own pallet planter boxes sounded good when I started. I just did not estimate the correct amount of frustration I would go through in the process. I started pulling all the pallets apart by using a hammer to remove nails. That was exhausting and impossible so I asked Ash to cut the ends off. That made it a bit easier to pry the boards off the center support. After a few hours of working on that and hitting myself with the hammer, I decided to have Ash cut the wood away from the center of the remaining pallets.

When all the wood was ready, I painted it all so that it would be sealed. Once all the paint had dried, Ash used the nail gun to put them all together. They are not even edges or perfect because I did not measure them but I am still pleased.

Excited to be so close to planting, I went to Home Depot and picked up the dirt to fill the boxes. Filling the boxes was a bit of a slower process because I laid weed protection fabric on the ground, so I had to keep the dirt on top of that.  While the dirt settled and acclimated to the yard. I got the metal plant cages and lattice ready to install

Finally after a few hours in the sun, everything was planted!






As you can tell, I still need more plant cages but I will fix that this week.Along with moving the grass.  Right now I feel the happiness of accomplishing a task! Thanks to my husband my garden is planted and will hopefully grow and produce a large amount of food!

Pallet Planter Boxes Started

I have seen a lot of blogs and articles online about reusing pallets for many things. One that I like was using them to make planter boxes. Reusing and recycling things it one thing that I love to do! The project stayed on my mind for a few weeks so I decided to give it a try.

First step was to collect pallets to use. At first I thought that it was going to take me forever to find the pallets needed to make the bed for the garden but I got lucky. The place we bought our firewood from has a stack and they were giving them away.

On Saturday, I loaded the truck full of them and went home to get started.


The next step was to detach all the wood. Removing all screws, nails and staples from the wood strips. At first I started pulling them all apart using a hammer. Then when I realized I was exhausted after one pallet I was forced to rethink my strategy. I asked Ash to come out and cut the ends off the pallets. This made it a bit easier because I just needed to detach the wood from the center. After two days of working on this project I have taken three apart. It is not as easy as it looked. Oh well… I will do a little at a time.

Surprising Personal Realization

Getting healthy and in shape has been an ongoing goal on mine. I thought that I was a farther off from reaching my first goals but I was wrong.

Weekend before last I went shopping with my Mom. It is always fun and relaxing to spend time with her. I miss living close by and I cherish the time I get with her. We went to a couple of thrift stores and then to Lane Bryant. I needed a new bra and wanted to try on pants one size down because mine were loose which was starting to become uncomfortable.

For some laughs, or so I thought, I took in pants that were a couple of sizes smaller. They fit!!! I went from an 18 to a 14 womans. I was so amazed I thought that I would cry.

With this new-found reduction in size I got re-measured for a bra. I needed a smaller brand now too! I guess I should have realized that by the fit of my old ones but to be honest I thought that they were just worn out.

Usually I would not share things like this but I am so excited and happy I had to share!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Running Around Like a Chicken….

Growing up we had chickens. There was always about 30 of them, or at least it always seemed that way with them running around your feet LOL! Having chickens was always a blessing because we had fresh eggs. I guess we could have eaten them when they stopped producing but Mom could not have handled it if we did.

Our house goes through quite a few eggs in a week. They are good to eat but taste nothing like the fresh eggs I grew up having. Since I will be building a compost bin and miss fresh eggs, I thought I would check into getting chickens. I wanted to do some research before buying them so that we did not break any rules and get citations.

Looking online at the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County websites I found that it is an option. Option meaning possible hoops to jump through and conflicting information. One site mentions that you can have a max of three chickens if you lot is a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. There would be a $15 annual permit fee and !4 annual registration fee per chicken. The other site says that there is a $4500 permit application fee, which is not refundable if your application is denied!

Of course the one thing that both sites agree on it that the chickens must be in a pen away from the house and property line; no one can smell them; and no roosters.

They are not helpful at all! I started to get frustrated so I decided to email the permits department of both county and city to ask. I will let you know what they say, that is if they respond to me.