It’s That Time Again!

I know I know…I am odd! My husband tells me every year but I can’t help it. I like to make my presents and avoid the last minute stress of holiday presents. All that being said, it is time to start making presents for this Christmas!
The first present will be a horse box. I mentioned it a while ago when it looked like this.
After at some research and debating I finally choose the colors of the hosts and started to paint.
I still have more detail work to do but I love how it is looking. This might end up being another gift I have a hard time giving lol! Back it painting so I can finish this gift!

Light and Delightful Lilac

All white. Yuck! Well at my at least it was to me. Our bathroom was all white from the walls to the tile. The only color in the room was from the brown mirror frame and the accessories I added.
A few months back we moved the towel rods to the back of the bathroom door. While I was going the holes in the walls, I decided it was time to paint. I asked Ash for color input but he was not much help so I narrowed down some options for him to pick from. We ended up with a light lilac.
Slowly, one wall at a time, the bathroom started to change color and warmth.


Finally when all the walls were painted with two coats, including behind the toilet which I must say sucked, it was time to review and breath.

image .

The walls turned out a bit darker than I had thought but when we remodel they will look out perfect with dark tile. The mirror frame however had to be changed and I did not want to wait. I detached the mirror from the frame and took the frame outside to spray paint it white. Once it was dry, I reattached the mirror and hung it back on the wall.
It still and amazes me sometimes, just how much a small change can make a huge difference! The bathroom is now painted and a happier place for me. Now it is time to plan a color scheme or theme for the room. I am one of those people who like there to be some room and reason to the colors in a room. Stay tuned!

Survived First Grooming Appointment

I love my animals! They are my children. Dixie is the eldest and she loves to roll in the dirt. My family calls her Ms. Piggy or Pigpen LOL!

She has never been a problem to wash. Dixie will load herself in the bathtub and stand there while you wash her. Of course she will shake the water everywhere as soon as your done but as long as you close the shower curtain it is not so bad.

Poor Dixie was always itchy and shedding. I did research to ensure that I did not over/under wash her but it made no difference. Finally I found a place I trusted, The Honest Dog in Sacramento CA. We buy all of our pet supplies from them and the owner Pamela is the honest, knowledgeable and helpful.

On Sunday morning Ash and I loaded up the dogs. We dropped off Dixie for her appointment. She was so nervous I was worried that she was not going to handle the appointment. The three of us left while she was being cleaned so that she would relax and listen to the groomers. The weather was still nice out, not over 90 yet, so we walked across the street to Starbucks for a treat. Rosco did pretty well drinking water from a glass but he really wanted to eat the cup instead. A young girl and boy came out and asked if they could pet Rosco. I looked to the parents for approval, once received we said ok. Rosco put his head next to Ash’s knee and did not lift his head or move it around at all. I was so proud of him!! Once our coffees were empty we walked back to the store.

Inside Ash and I looked at a couple of things and Rosco laid on the cool floor. I was pleased to get compliments on Rosco’s behavior from other in the store. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix and most people just assume he is a Pit Bull so they should fear him. That was not the response we got at the Honest Dog and it was a comfort. We waited for another 15 minute and we were considering what to do because I did not know how long the process took, when I small dog started barking and pulling toward Rosco. At first he was wagging his tail wanting to play but then the dog tried to lung forward to bite him and Rosco growled and backed up to us. We took him outside and then Ash checked on Dixie, who still had about 30 minutes remaining.

I was starting to relax a bit because if Dixie had made it this long then she must be handling it well. Honestly, I do not know why I ever worry when it comes to her! She has always been so easy-going and allowing of anything.

Ash had plans later in the afternoon, he was with me for emotional support, so it came time to consider options. Dixie and I were doing well with this new adventure so I decided that Rosco and I would drop him off while we waited. The drive to drop Ash off was only about 5 minutes and I noticed that Rosco was still hot and panting so I took him home. Once we got there he laid down on the floor and did not move.

Hot Rosco

Poor guy was worn out but he behaved so good!! About 20 minutes later, Rosco’s breathing was back to normal and he was snoring when my phone rang. Dixie was done and ready to come home!

Leaving Rosco at home to sleep, I went to pick up Dixie. She came walking out from the back looking shinny and smiling. I was so happy to see her. I know I know, it was only like an hour and a half but it felt like longer =) The groomer told me that Dixie was the best Rotweiller she has worked with. They gave her a treat and lots of puts. She was so soft! I have not felt her that soft, without loads of shedding, in a long time. It kind of made me ashamed that I had not started this sooner.

Dixie GroomedBeing groomed but have took a lot of energy for Dixie because when we got hom she passed out next to Rosco.

20140706-210916-76156272.jpgAsh and I are pleased that she is healthy, shedding less and less itchy! She will continue to be groomed avery few months from now on. I learned a lesson and if/when we ever get a medium or long hair dog again, we will start grooming at much younger age!

Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery

Researching which plants to grow and how much water perennials online was informative but it made me want to buy more plants. A little more research showed me that there are two nurseries in my area I had not heard of before. Saturday morning was beautiful weather. Slight breeze in the mid to high 80’s and slightly overcast with random bursts of sunshine. Perfect day to go buy flowers!!

I decided to go to the Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery.

Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery

The outside looked nice and clean, not a lot of people there shopping.

There was plenty of flowers and herbs to choose from. They had carts to use and the employees were friendly, waiting to help and or answer questions. I ended up buying a few plants.

Snowy Eyes Day Lily

Snowy Eyes

Arctic Snow Day Lily

Arctic Snow Day Lily

Wild Mustang Day Lily

Wild Mustang Day Lily

Bear’s Breech


And Snow White Petite Butterfly Bush… sadly no blooms to take a pictures of yet. As I am writing this blog post I am realizing that I might be in a slight rut or addicted to day lilies. LOL!!! But I am ok with it because they are wonderful and they grow well in our yard. Now it is time to see how well the plants from this nursery grow. I am so excited to have more flowers in the yard!

Remembering 4ths Gone By

Today is going to be a hard day for me. Today would have been Poppi’s birthday and Grandma would be planning a dinner for him and Uncle Chris (Uncle Chris’ birthday is tomorrow) to celebrate their birthdays.

I am happy that he is out of pain and watching over me from heaven but I can not help but wish that he was here with us collecting hugs and passing out smiles. Even as I wish this I acknowledge that there are others in my family who might wish this like me or even more.

I miss you and love you so much Poppi. Now I have to be strong and make it through another day. As sad as I am, I cannot stand the thought of him looking down at with with a frown on his face.

Bedroom Dreams Becoming Reality

A few weeks ago I shared my dream/desire to find/make new bed frame for our room. While it was not what I was originally thinking, I love the end result. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself.

Researching online for bed frames was challenging. Most bed frames I liked did not come in a California King. I was able to find one on amazon that looked nice but some of the reviews about putting it together made me a bit nervous. Then I found one on IKEA’s website.
We decided to go stroll through IKEA and take a look. Once there Ash pointed out a problem to me…… All the bed frames only go up to a king not California King. To be honest, I had no idea what the difference in sizes was so Ash explained it to me.
I was bummed and started to get a bit sad. All of the thoughts/ plans I was originally forming in my head were not coming to fruition. First, I decided that Dad would not have time to make the bed because of work and rehabilitating my Mom’s arm. Then the battle of finding a frame we both like in the correct size.
Ash asked if we should get a whole new bed and frame. I was a bit shocked but that because it would be more expensive and I thought that he loved the bed we have. Well come to find out, we are due for a new bed and he would not mind losing the extra space. Most of the extra space was used by the pets sleeping with us. So the decision of whether or not to go smaller was initially mine.
After some thought and discussion, we decided to buy the queen set. It will be larger adjustment for us but it will give us more floor space in the bedroom. I let Ash pick the bed frame, well ok that is not completely honest. I required built in drawers below the bed, he got to pick a frame that had them. Does not sound like much of a choice but there was headboard style and color to consider.
Once the decision was made it was time to load it on the cart for checkout. Which turned into another adventure! As some of you may know, IKEA has all the pieces in boxes, and our headboard was one box in our isle then the bed frame was in another isle.

20140622-092432-33872605.jpg We got everything but the frame pieces loaded and realized that they did not have the bed frame base in the same color as the head board.
Option one: buy what we have already and return on Monday for the frame.
Option two: get frame and headboard in all white.
Option three: get headboard in black and frame in white.

We decided to go with option three. It may sound odd but I thought about our comforter, it is white with blue shells and I king size so it will cover most of the frame.

Poor Ash was already tired!! We paid and loaded the truck.

Once home Ash got started with the headboard first while I emptied the bedroom of the original bed. He got it put together quickly and carries it into the bedroom. The frame was then anchored to the wall, something that we did not notice at the store. Ash hates working with anchors because they always give him trouble.

The headboard is nice because it leaves space to the power cords behind it, it has opening at the too for cords like lights and it has shelving on the sides. The shelving will be wonderful for his breathing machine and books for me. I love to fall asleep reading!
Now time to put together the bed frame, which came in three boxes.



Frame complete, now time to finish the drawers.



I am so pleased and excited. Ash was exhausted by this point but I hope that he can look at it later with pride and happiness. Now time for me to out it all together.

Rosco is certainly happy to be able to come back into the room.

Here is the storage on his side. I think it will be much better because now he doesn’t have to reach as far.

The drawers are the perfect side! We are able to remove the pillows, which Ash says we have too many of, from the bed and place them in the drawers. The pillows take up two drawers which leave the other two for storage.
With the sun shine coming through the window and falling across the room I am smiling!



Salvation Army Score!!

We have been talking about and looking for a curio cabinet or china hutch for the dining room area to the right of the sliding glass door. Looking at Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales and new furniture store was not successful.

In our area there is one thrift store that I drove past a few times. Each time I passed it I thought ” I should stop there”. For a long while this happened and I started to laugh at myself about it =)

Finally I remembered to stop on my way home and I was rewarded with a sign letting me know that the whole store was on sale for 50% off. Walking in the door the furniture was on the left and looked promising, although I was not holding my breath. Ironically I could have been holding my breath and been fine. In the first row of furniture I found a cabinet that I liked.

China Hutch

It adds a something to the room and t makes the wall look bigger.

China Hutch in Place

Lord was is heavy and hard to help Ash move into place.

Great Grandma’s Table: Resealed & Renewed

When Ash and I moved into our first apartment together my parents gave me my Great Grandma’s table. My Dad had sanded the surface and made it ready to be stained and sealed. Confusion: That was Memorial Day 2011 and the table is still not sealed…. eeek!

Until recently I had not worked with stain and I was intimidated by the thought of it. I did not want my first project with stain to me the table so I kept pushing it off. The table has been covered with a table-cloth to project it from as much as possible.

Now that I feel more confident with staining I have decided it is time to finish my table!

The table top is going to have the gloss finish so that it looks smooth and it shines. The legs and underside of the table will be done in the satin finish. I decided to use the satin finish on the lower portion because it will hide not prints. =D

First thing that I am going to do is to remove the fold-up sides and take them to the workspace outside. Then I will grab set the leaf from in the closet and take it outside too.

These three pieces are a good place to start because we can still use the table while they are removed. It is also good because I needed to replace the hinges for the fold-up sides.

The hinges creak loudly when the fold-up is in use. At first I thought that it was because the table was old and the wood was rubbing together. But when I unscrewed the hinges I would that the wood was stripped. I am going to try to find hinges that are longer and wider to replace the originals with.

When the final coat on the sides and leaf is dry I brought them inside the house. They will be stored in the closet, wrapped in a sheet for protection, until the tablewas completed.

Then I took the table outside and stained it. It took all day to stain it but it was well worth it. Once it was all dry I installed the new brackets and brought it back inside.

Stained Table

Amazing how much difference a few coats of stain can make!


Changing Gears and Adding Challenge

I have been trying and trying to get into shape and be healthy. Things were slowly getting improving but I needed something more. For my birthday I decided to give myself a gift….

The gift was 5 sessions with a trainer.

This was a present to myself but I was still hesitant. In the past I have not had the best experience with trainer and PE teachers. Determined to do something good for myself and not let the past scar me I was doing my best to think positive.

Last week was the first week with the trainer and all went well. I was tired but not hurting to the point I did not want to go back. By the weekend I was exhausted from work and the gym but I am proud to say that I did not sit around. Working in the yard, cleaning the house, all the usual things that I like to do on the weekend still got done.

Keeping fingers crossed that I will build muscle and regain some of the body shape I hope for. Until then… it is the constant reminder to myself to eat and working hard for the goals I want.

New Additions to Our Front Yard

I love flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and humming birds! It is a love I learned from my parents. That and the desire to have plants that are named.

Our yard is growing each month and the more it blooms the more I smile.

This month Ash went with me to the nursery to buy plants. It was to hot outside for his liking, but he went with me anyways which meant a lot!

I bought a few new plants:

Moses Fire Day Lily


Baja Red

Baja Red Day Lily

Harlequin Butterfly bush
Harlequin Butterfly Bush 2014-06-12 07.22.41

Blue sky butterfly busy

2014-06-12 07.22.13 2014-06-12 07.22.20


There are many more colors of each of these and I can’t wait to buy more!